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Streets & Sleep & Work & Again

I’ve been on the streets a little less than a month and I’ve pulled out my gun   4 times, made 4 solo arrests, numerous assisted arrests, arrest warrant on a barricaded subject that committed an agg battery w/ a deadly weapon, DWI is what I’m best at (my fellow officers say I present myself like a senior officer when conducting SFSTs), 3 unattended deaths…

..but I still suck at traffic. I fumble my words and take forever writing out citations. I know it comes with tons of practice but I can’t seem to improve on them. 

I work 12 hour shifts and I’m dead tired all the time. I work and I come home and sleep and do that shit all over the next day. 

I just transitioned from nights to days and it’s constantly busy and I’m taking calls left and right. 

It’s all good though just the sleep deprivation is what’s getting to me. Sometimes I’m so tired I start shaking. I hope I get use to this. 

I’ve been called a lesbian (which is fine) and a bitch several times. I’m not affected at all. I find it funny actually and when I start laughing they get so pissed and I laugh some more. 

Sorry for the lack of updates but I’m sure most of you can understand that I’m dead tired and in my free time I like to spend time with my son. 

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Zoom Class A’s

Class A’s

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Zoom I’m the short one in the front.

I’m the short one in the front.

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Zoom Graduation tomorrow morning!!

Graduation tomorrow morning!!

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Firearms week went well. Next week is EVOC week which I hear is the funnest week so I’m excited to driving like a crazy girl!

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How many weeks are you in? I'm starting the 10th week now in my academy

Asked by caligymrat

I’m in my 9th week, 7 more to go.

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New units. The one in front was mine!

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Taser times 2

Monday I had to get tased again. I do have video but I can’t post it this time because of my uniform and other things that reveal too much. I struggled because I know the horrible feeling all too well. Hurts like hell. Anyway I basically had the same reaction as the first time. I didn’t make noise at all until it was over and then I let out a big grunt. I swear if I ever have to get tased again I’ll quit.

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Out of Service

It’s been weeks since I’ve updated this blog and I apologize. Friday was the end of week 8 which means I’m at the halfway point. Only 8 more to go. Supposedly the hardest part is over. The last 2 weeks was pure defensive tactics. I’m beat and battered and suffered a groin sprain. I made it though. DT was mentally and physically exhausting. I’m a fighting tank machine but it didn’t come easily. 

Hardcore training for 8 hours a day and not eating enough because you don’t want to toss cookies all over your partners during training. By the end of the day you are delirious and running on fumes. It’s done thank god and it’s time for the fun stuff like firearms and vehicle ops. 

Monday will probably be the last bad day. We have to get tased again. I have major anxiety about it because the first time was horrible. Just thinking about the instructor saying “taser, taser” makes me wanna hurl. I’m so done being tortured. At least we earned the privileged of having gatorade and more phone time during the week. Life sucks so bad right now. This is literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done, EVER. I’ve grown tremendously in 8 weeks. 

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Hi there, (And first off please excuse my blog) I'm a woman who is avidly pursuing a career in LE and was wondering if you have any tips or bits of advice. I'm currently interning with a local sheriff's office as I finish up my final semester of college and really hope to get in with them. I've already applied to the city which I live in and unfortunately I got rejected. But I know you just have to keep rolling with it. Anything you have to share would be fantastic. Thanks!

Asked by maliciouslywoundedovaries

Sounds like you’re off to a great start. The most important thing to remember is that you have hard and horribly bad days where you want to give up and quit. DON’T DO IT. Push forward always. Time moves on no matter what and eventually the bad and the ugly comes to an end. Apply with surrounding cities and never throw in the towel. Some agencies are more accepting of women and you’ll get to know where you will be respected. 

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